Viñátigo: fascinating grapes, fascinating wines

The view from Viñátigo / photo courtesy of

The view from Viñátigo / photo courtesy of

I have always been a big fan of the wines of the Canary Islands, of which I admit I’ve drunk quite a few. But even so, I had no idea about the incredibly wide range of grape varieties found on the islands, and the fascinating tale of their history, origins, and the efforts of one winery in particular to bring these “lost” varieties back from near obscurity, and into a wine glass near you (the winery exports 60% of production).

This is just a taste of the story of Viñátigo, a winery on the island of Tenerife that has spent more than two decades cataloging, researching and cultivating ancient varieties that are endemic, but not native, to the Canary Islands.

Read more about the fascinating work of this winery, the history of some of these little known varieties, and the truly unique resulting wines in Viñátigo: A tale of science, terroir and grape varieties, on Foods and Wines from Spain.


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