Cherries, picotas, Ascot and fried cheese…

Photo by Piedad Sancho-Mata / ICEX

Photo by Piedad Sancho-Mata / ICEX

If you live in Spain and have yet to taste this season’s cherries, then I suggest you get yourself to the market right away. From year to year I somehow forget how wonderful Spanish cerezas (cherries) and the recently arrived picotas (a local cherry variety that is dark, juicy and incredibly sweet), really are.

Of course it’s not hard to find these excellent Spanish products outside of Spain. In fact, the Royal Ascot races are going on right now in the United Kingdom, a time when Spanish cherries are avidly consumed by the fashionably attired. In fact, around half of the production of picotas from DO Cereza del Jerte are exported, and particularly to the UK, Germany, Italy and Belgium.

And, as if you needed more convincing, I will sweeten the deal with this wonderful recipe for Fried Cabrales cheese with cherry compote by two Michelin star chef Ángel León, on Foods and Wines from Spain.





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