There’s still time to visit Expo Milan 2015

The Spanish Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015

The Spanish Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015

Just about six weeks into the six-month run of Expo Milan 2015, there is still plenty of time to plan a trip to visit this Universal Exposition which opened on May 1st and will close on October 31st in this northern Italian city.

With this edition’s theme of Feeding the planet, energy for life, it’s no surprise that food is playing a central role in this Expo, and particularly when it comes to the Spanish Pavilion, which is highlighting Spain’s agri-food bounty as one of its main themes.

In fact, the article Spreading the Word About Spanish Flavor at Expo Milan, on Foods and Wines from Spain, points out: “The Pavilion houses two different exhibitions centered on Spanish food. For “El Viaje del Sabor” (Traveling Flavors), the artist Antoni Miralda offers his personal vision and thoughts on nomadic and traveling foods through various video installations. Meanwhile, “El lenguaje del Sabor” (The Language of Flavor) features a very complete look at food in Spain, with particular emphasis on the quality and variety of this country’s products, in addition to sustainable production methods, the virtues of the Mediterranean Diet, the rich gastronomic traditions and the culinary revolution that has brought global acclaim to Spanish chefs.”

Additionally, this country’s striking avant-garde pavilion features four different gastronomic choices created at the hand of Grupo Sagardi, ranging from a restaurant to a tapas bar, Ibiza-style lounge and gourmet store. You can read more about this culinary selection in A Spanish Culinary Tour Through Expo Milan 2015, also on Foods and Wines from Spain.


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