Ibérico Ham and Summer Soups

Cold almond soup from chef María José San Román / Toya Legido - ICEX

Cold almond soup from chef María José San Román / Toya Legido – ICEX

I’ve never heard anyone say that they’re sick of Spanish Ibérico ham. Not only would this be tantamount to gastronomic blasphemy in Spain, but–given the adulation that this food enjoys in this country–it would also be a nearly impossible occurrence.

Of course the suggestion that one might grow tired of such a treasured delicacy grows even more preposterous when taking into consideration the innumerable recipes and culinary applications for Ibérico ham; recipes that might include using it as a main ingredient, a complement to a dish or a flavorful garnish; prepared cooked, fried, even caramelized… or freshly carved and sliced paper thin.

This time of year, one particularly enjoyable way to relish Ibérico ham is in or on top of one of Spain’s many wonderful cold soups.

Here are four different summer soup recipes to try using Ibérico ham (one easy and three more challenging recipes from top Spanish chefs)

Classic salmorejo, or Cold Tomato Soup, (it’s also good with gazpacho)

Chilled Las Pedroñeras purple garlic soup, from chef Manolo de la Osa of Michelin star restaurante Las Rejas.

Cold almond soup with dried figs and Ibérico ham, from chef María José San Román of Michelin star restaurant Monastrell.

Strawberry gazpacho with Ibérico ham dust and oyster snow, from chef José Carlos García of one Michelin star restaurant José Carlos García (Café de Paris).

Happy cooking!


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