Barbecue season!

It’s Memorial Day in the United States today, a day that has a lot of weighted meaning for many, but that for me as a child only symbolized three key moments: the beginning of the summer, the opening of the neighborhood swimming pools and the start of grilling season.

Meat, fish, potatoes, whole cobs of corn, artichokes, zucchinis and other vegetables fresh from the garden… you name it, my family grilled it, filling the summer evenings with the delicious smokey aromas and flavors of fresh, fantastic food.

Spain is also a great place to be if you love grilling, with things like grilled txuleton (or chuleton, Basque-style steak) enjoying particular popularity. But grilled vegetables are also a specialty here, and should never be taken lightly when seen on a menu – especially when the summer months roll in.

Check out this recipe and video for a quick and easy grilled vegetables, on Foods and Wines from Spain and the Foods From Spain YouTube channel.


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