Spanish eggplants big and small!

Spanish eggplant / Angel Robledo - ICEX

Spanish eggplant / Angel Robledo – ICEX

Fried, roasted, stewed, battered and more. Spanish eggplant (called berenjena in Spanish) is an incredibly versatile vegetable, which can be prepared any number of ways.

The small PGI Berenjena de Almagro eggplant is a genetically unique species cultivated in the environs of the town of Almagro (Ciudad Real, Castile-La Mancha) that has been prepared according to an age-old fermentation method and a specific recipe of spices and other ingredients.

This product is so valued for its unique characteristics that not only does it have a Protected Geographic Indication, but it also gets its own day of festivities.

This past Friday, May 1st, this historic and picturesque town spent the day in celebration of this famed gastronomic product with a day-long festival that included a round-table discussion about this its history, origins, sensory characteristics and genetics; followed by a guided tasting, exposition, theatrical performance (in the town’s famed Corral de las Comedias), and the inauguration of its tapas route, among other things.

Learn more about Spanish eggplants and the singular PGI Berenjena de Almagro on Foods and Wines from Spain.



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