The Allure of Verdejo

Spanish verdejo grapes / ICEX

Spanish verdejo grapes / ICEX

Verdejo. Let me just say it again. Verdejo. This word is music to the ears of any wine lover who has had the chance to try this noble Spanish white grape variety, which has been cultivated on the Iberian peninsula for nearly a thousand years where it has been used to make some of Spain’s most classic white wines.

Walk into any bar in the Spanish capital and ask for a glass of white wine, and chances are you’ll soon be savoring a glass of young, crisp and aromatic Verdejo wine from DO Rueda. The first denomination of origin to be granted this status in Castile-Leon (in 1980), it is also the region’s only white-wine centric DO.

In order to be designated Rueda Verdejo, wines must be made with at least 85% of this grape, although they are commonly single-variety. The wines are characterized by a very aromatic nose and palate, with herbaceous notes and a classic bitter finish.

Take a tour of this famed Spanish wine region and this incredible Spanish grape in DO Rueda and the Revival of Verdejo, on Foods and Wines from Spain.



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