Spanish Churros, Impossible to Eat Just One

Churros in Cadiz are long and thin / Adrienne Smith

Churros in Cadiz are long and thin / Adrienne Smith

There’s a bar around the corner from my house that has the best churros. They make them on-site, (rather than having them delivered daily from a churrería) and so no matter what hour of the day you stop by to get a churros fix, you will find a fresh batch of these delicious loops of golden fried dough: hot and crispy on the outside and light and soft within.

Wait, now that I think about it, there’s a bar in Cadiz (Andalusia) that also makes incredible churrosHere they come out of the hot oil in long loops which are then cut with scissors into long, thin and crispy churros that disappear so easily into one’s mouth that it’s virtually impossible not to order seconds.

Of course, there’s that other place in…  Well, you get my point. Spanish churros are hard to resist. So hard, in fact, that it’s not just here in Spain that one feels obliged to travel the country tasting churros from north to south. We know that the Spanish churro craze spread to Latin America years ago, firmly implanting itself in places like Mexico. But Spanish churros are also heading east and west, with popular churrerías popping up in places like Japan, China, Egypt, New York, London and more.

Find out more about the global churro-craze in Spanish Churros Are Taking Over: Churromania Goes Global, on Foods and Wines from Spain.


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