Carmencita, Flavors of Spain

Close to a hundred years ago, a Spanish entrepreneur traveled to Marseille from Castile-La Mancha to sell wine at this important international port. Upon arriving, a chance encounter with some traders from India led him down a new course: to sell the red gold of his home in La Mancha – Spanish saffron – in India, where it is highly valued.

And so began the tale of Carmecita, a Spanish company founded in 1920 specializing in Spanish saffron, herbs and spices. Today, Carmencita boasts annual sales of some 53 million euros. Of these, exports account for around 7%, with the most popular items including products like nora peppers, herbal teas and chamomile, paella ingredients, and, of course, saffron.

But don’t just take my word for it. Learn more about the fascinating beginnings of one of Spain’s iconic brands in this video featured on the Foods and Wines from Spain YouTube channel.


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