Potato PotAHHHHH!to

Spanish potatoes / Blanca Berlin - ICEX

Spanish potatoes / Blanca Berlin – ICEX

With annual international gastronomy conference Madrid Fusión going on this month in the Spanish capital it’s easy to get caught up in spherifications, gelifications, liquid nitrogen baths, deconstructions and the like. However, when it comes down to it, these and other avant garde culinary techniques would be nothing if it weren’t for the wonderful basic ingredients that go into them. And what could be more basic than the potato?

Yes, potatoes are a staple in homes and restaurants across the country, and despite their humble demeanor, their incredible versatility lends them to both simple and complex, traditional and modern cuisine.

Of course, I repeat, these dishes would be nothing if they didn’t start with a quality raw product, and thankfully, Spain has more than one excellent potato variety to choose from, including these two Protected Geographic Indication varieties: Patatas de Prades from Catalonia; and Patatas de Galicia from Galicia. The Canary Islands are also very famous for its potatoes, with a wide range of potato varieties on the island of Tenerife, and of course, the Protected Denomination of Origin Patatas Antiguas de Canarias.

So next time you yearn for a potato, be look for one of these famed varieties!


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