Spanish Artisanal Beer Captures International Palates

Ambar is Grupo La Zaragozana's star brand / Félix Lorrio - ICEX

Ambar is Grupo La Zaragozana’s star brand / Félix Lorrio – ICEX

As someone who’s home town has just 100,000 people, but more than 200 microbreweries, I’m always on the lookout for tasty, artisanal-style, quality beer.

In recent years in Spain, there has been a surge of small, artisanal cerveceros, or beer makers, cropping up all over the country, making small-batch brews that are often only available in the immediate environs, or increasingly in the Spanish capital.

At the same time, large Spanish beer companies are releasing their own lines of craft beers, which, as ever, put the emphasis on quality and taste. One such company, Grupo La Zaragozana – Spain’s fifth largest brewer – is also a pioneer in the making of quality beer “alternatives”, including non-alcoholic and gluten-free brews. They were also the first company in the world to make a non-alcoholic AND gluten-free beer – one which unsurprisingly is now in high demand in different corners of the world.

Read more about Grupo La Zaragozana and their innovative approach to Spanish craft beer in A Spanish Brewery with an Artisanal Soul, on Foods and Wines from Spain.


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