The (Regional Spanish) Table By…

Spanish Chef Kiko Moya / Tomás Zarza - ICEX

Spanish Chef Kiko Moya / Tomás Zarza – ICEX

Not that one would ever need an excuse to travel around beautiful and historically stunning Spain, but should you want one anyway, there is perhaps no better reason than to visit some of the incredible and lauded restaurants that are located all across the country, in towns big and small.

However, should you live in the Spanish capital and find yourself unable to get away, there is a new way to sample some of the excellent cuisine prepared by top chefs who are based outside of this city.

Recently opened, 76-room hotel the Hotel Urso, in downtown Madrid, has launched a new concept of rotating regional chefs at its “The Table By” restaurant. Each month the kitchen and dining room are put into the hands of a different visiting chef, who gets to decorate and cook as he or she pleases, with a definite emphasis on highlighting regional fare.

The hotel’s first guests were Marcos Cerqueiro and Iago Pazos of Santiago de Compostela’s Abastos 2.0, who kicked things off in November of 2014. They were followed by Chef Jesús Sánchez of Cantabria’s Cenador de Amós. Fernando Canales of Etxanobe restaurant in Bilbao is up this month, and next up is Kiko Moya of L’Escaleta restaurant in Cocentaina (Alicante).

This innovative project is so enticing that it even caught the eye of the New York Times Magazine, which featured it on its blog this month.


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