Happy New Year!

Spanish table grapes / Pablo Neustadt - ICEX

Spanish table grapes / Pablo Neustadt – ICEX

If you’ve ever spent New Year’s Eve in Spain or in the company of Spaniards, you will be familiar with the Spanish tradition of seeing in the new year with Spanish grapes, eating one for each of the twelve chimes of Madrid’s Puerta del Sol clock as it counts down to midnight.

This tradition is so widespread in Spain (in fact I’ve never met anyone who didn’t do it), that the country devours millions of grapes in mere seconds. Fortunately, as the world’s fourth largest producer of grapes, there are plenty to go around – as well as plenty to export to countries all over Europe, and even to new markets like China, India and Taiwan, to name a few.

Of course New Year’s Eve isn’t the only time that people can enjoy the delicious taste and quality of Spanish table grapes, so no matter how you chose to ring in the New Year this time, remember that there’s no time like the present to enjoy these wonderful foods from Spain.

Happy 2015 everyone!




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