Preserving Historic Madrid through Gastronomy

Photo by Juan Carlos Hernández, Juanse Kafe

Photo by Juan Carlos Hernández, Juanse Kafe

Anyone who has ever taken a stroll through the central Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña has seen the beautiful Spanish tiles decorating the exterior of the nineteenth-century “Juanse” Pharmacy.

Today, this historic pharmacy has a new set of wares, equally designed to bring people health and well-being, but this time through quality gastronomic goods instead of medications.

The newly named Juanse Kafe has shelves stocked with products from Basque Country and Navarre, such as guindilla peppers, aromatic salts, traditional candies and sweets, and artesanal turrones. These new products, and others – including locally made cakes and breads – are displayed on the pharmacy’s original walnut counters, beautifully preserved and kept safe, as is the building’s facade, for years to come. In addition to these items, the establishment also serves a selection of simple tapas, Spanish cheeses, seasonal dishes, coffees, teas and other delicacies.

And while this isn’t our usual type of post, once in a while it’s nice to stop and celebrate the preservation of a historic and culturally significant structure, and even more so when it’s been transformed into a space dedicated to gastronomy.



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