Discovering Monastrell

Monastrell grapes / Pedro Álvarez - ICEX

Monastrell grapes / Pedro Álvarez – ICEX

Ahhh Monastrell. Known in other parts of the world by the names Mourvèdre and Mataró (after the coastal town in Catalonia from which it was shipped to other parts of the world), Monastrell is one of my favorite Spanish grapes – one of many.

This red grape is synonymous with wine making traditions and gastronomic history all along the Mediterranean coast, from north to south.

In Catalonia, for example, it plays an important role in the world-famous quality blends found in DOCa Priorat, in addition to being used for in some of the sparkling Cavas made in Penedés, or the bold rosé wines found in other areas.

But it is in DO Jumilla, in the south eastern coastal Region of Murcia, where Monastrell becomes the undisputed star of its own show. Here this earthy, fruity and expressive red grape has been transformed into richly spiced, elegant and velvety wines that have been making a name for themselves all over the world (think Juan Gil, Luzón and Casa de la Ermita, to name a few).

So, what better way to get to know this grape, this region and its wines than to travel to the heart of DO Jumilla on this wonderful Jumilla Wine Route. Just be sure to take an empty suitcase, you won’t be coming home empty handed.


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