Savoring Spanish Chirimoyas

Dani Garcia's "Frozen cherimoya with foie gras" / Toya Legido - ICEX

Dani Garcia’s “Frozen cherimoya with foie gras” / Toya Legido – ICEX

Andalusian chef Dani García is not only an award winning, Michelin star chef, he is also an expert when it comes to creating Avant-garde adaptations for chirimoyas, the sub-tropical fruit that grows in abundance in his region, and which is prized for its creamy texture and special, tropical fruit flavors.

Despite the fact that many recommend enjoying chirimoyas (also spelled ‘cherimoyas’) with nothing more than a spoon, these three recipes by García take the possibilities for this fruit to the limit, stretch the imagination and tantalize the taste buds. You can find them, and more, on Foods & Wines from Spain.

French toast soaked in liquid cherimoya with cooked wild strawberries and mint

Frozen cherimoya with foie gras marinated in miso, candied sesame seeds and yarrow

Cherimoya ajoblanco, Lustau East India Solera and essence of orange and lemon


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