Spanish Soccer Madness in Florida

Spanish restaurant La Dorada in Coral Gables, Florida

Spanish restaurant La Dorada in Coral Gables, Florida

Spanish fútbol, or soccer season is hitting its stride again, and world famous teams and legendary Spanish rivals Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are getting ready for a standoff tomorrow.

In Spain, a match like this is capable of emptying the streets, which remain eerily calm during the game with the exception of the occasional cheer or groan from the masses. In fact, if you live in a busy area of the city center like I do, you can often follow the progress of an entire game like this one based on the shouts from the bars on the streets below.

If you’re not in Spain but still want to enjoy this game with all of the ambiance that it inspires, try heading to somewhere like La Dorada Restaurant in Coral Gables, Florida. This Spanish restaurant will be showing Saturday’s Real Madrid – FC Barcelona game in its private room at 11:30am local time.

This award-winning Spanish restaurant prides itself on using organic and natural ingredients, including fresh fish and seafood that has been flown in directly from Spain. Shrimp from Malaga and Sanlucar de Barrameda, spider crab from Galicia, lobster from Motríl and of course the restaurant’s namesake dorada… flavors of Spain and, on Saturday, a bit of its fútbol madness too!


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