ICEX Tour Sets Off!

The ICEX tour begins! / ICEX

The ICEX tour begins! / ICEX

The twelve international participants in this year’s edition of the ICEX Training Program in Spanish Gastronomy “hit the road” today, embarking on a two week trip around Spain to get an intimate look at some of its most significant culinary players, including producers, chefs and other Spanish food industry professionals, all while visiting striking monuments, hotels and landscapes and getting to the heart of Spanish regional gastronomic culture.

With stops in Madrid, Andalusia, Caceres, Castile-La Mancha, Castile-Leon, Navarre, La Rioja and more; visits to olive oil, sherry, truffles, saffron, wine and Spanish ham producers, amongst others, and meals at some of this country’s top restaurants along the way – this trip promises to be one that is certain to leave them with a lasting impression of Spanish gastronomy – inside and out.

The trip will be covered extensively on Foods & Wines From Spain, so stay tuned for more information on what’s in store for the participants in this fascinating culinary program.

Buen viaje!


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