Culinaria Spain

Culinaria Spain, Published by Könemann

Culinaria Spain, Published by Könemann

I probably shouldn’t play favorites, but I have to admit that this is one of my VERY favorite cookbooks, ever! And actually one of my favorite books in general.

While I don’t know that I’ve ever actually used Culinaria Spain (1999, Könemann Verlagsgesellschaft) for its recipes, I have consulted it time and time again as a sort of thorough encyclopedic-reference tome for Spanish products and Spanish regional cuisine that really gets to the heart of how things are made, their origins, what they are used for and, in many cases, their cultural or historic significance.

What is horchata and how and where are the chufas (tiger nuts) that it’s made with cultivated? And while we’re at it, how is it made and what is the history of this popular Spanish beverage? How are the famous Spanish hams cured from start to finish? What is the history and significance of sheep to the cuisine and economy of Castile-Leon? These questions are just a few of the many that are answered in the nearly-500 page, Culinaria Spain.

Featuring cultural references and historic research, detailed explanations, recipes and a wealth of extremely detailed, colorful and informative photographs, Culinaria Spain will be THE book that you go back to again and again, to consult, learn, cook, enjoy and delve into Spanish gastronomy!


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