Sweet as Honey!

Spanish honey / Juan Manuel Sanz - ICEX

Spanish honey / Juan Manuel Sanz – ICEX

Spain is the European Union’s biggest producer and exporter of honey, producing some 88 million pounds a year for export, primarily to France, the UK, Germany and Portugal.

Spain also has the highest number of registered beehives of any country in the EU (over 2.5 million), accounting for 20% of the European total.

However, this love of honey is nothing new in Spain. In fact, the oldest images of honey gathering in the world are found in cave drawings in eastern, coastal Spain – estimated to be from between 9000 and 6000BC.

From ancient to modern times, this product has continued to thrive in this country, and today there are two Protected Designations of Origin for Spanish honey: Miel de Granada and Miel de La Alcarria, as well as a Spanish honey with Protected Geographical Indication status: Miel de Galicia.

Learn more about the past, present and future of this tasty, versatile and classic Spanish product in the “History” section of Foods from Spain.


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