Spanish Food Pantone

"Typical Spanish Pantone Food" / Gastromedia

“Typical Spanish Pantone Food” / Gastromedia

One need only look at the growing number of collaborations between famous chefs and top architects and designers around the world to see ample proof of the fact that food and design has never been more closely linked.

Now, one Spanish gastronomic communications company is taking the fusion of these two artistic sectors to the next level, with the launch of “Typical Spanish Pantone Food“.

The idea behind this innovated concept? Assigning traditional and classic Spanish dishes their own color on this company’s take on the famed Pantone color system.

4525c gets you a delicious plate of Queso Manchego. Ask for a Black 3c and you’ll find yourself savoring a plate of wonderful black Spanish paella. Don’t confuse this with Black 4c, however, or you’ll wind up with a dish of morcilla sausage instead. The list goes on and on.

Though it may take a while to catch on in Spanish bars and restaurants, this novel idea is at the very least as visually stimulating as it is fun to look at.


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