Spanish Ibérico Ham, Part Four

If you’ve tuned in for this month’s first three posts on Spanish Ibérico Ham, with links to the excellent videos on the Foods from Spain You Tube Channel, you’ll have already gotten a good idea about the origins of these noble Spanish pigs, what and how they eat, where they are raised, and how their meat is transformed into the treasured Spanish Ibérico hams and other Ibérico pork products.

However, now that you’re ready to enjoy this fantastic product from a (more) informed perspective, you should also first be aware that how the ham is consumed is nearly as important and methodical a task as how it is made.

Carving a ham is no easy chore, and it is no surprise that Spanish Master Ham Carvers are in top demand all over the world for their dominance of this skill.

However, that’s not to say that with a little bit of knowledge and practice, any ham lover can’t learn how to carve and enjoy a ham at home.

To learn how to go about it, look to the final video in this four-part series on Spanish Ibérico Ham: Ham Carving.


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