Everything but the Squeal

Everything but the Squeal, by John Barlow

Everything but the Squeal, by John Barlow

I just got back from a long weekend in Galicia, which was far too brief an amount of time to spend in this enticing region. At the same time, however, it was just enough time to remember how much I love this northwestern corner of Spain, its food, its wines, its landscapes, and its beaches, people and culture… not to mention the fact that it was 20 degrees cooler than in sweltering Madrid.

Obviously I’m not the only foreigner to have been captivated by this enticing region, which is flooded year after year by tourists and pilgrims finishing up the last stage of the Camino de Santiago. Though there are many things to love about Galicia, writer John Barlow singled out one element of the region’s culinary tradition in his 2008 book, Everything but the Squeal, in which he analyzes the use of this animal in the area’s gastronomy and its relationship, in general, to how and what we eat. Don’t miss this fascinating look at another of the wonderful Foods from Spain.


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