Summer Recipes with Olives

Seasoned Olives / Javier Peñas - ICEX

Seasoned Olives / Javier Peñas – ICEX

Spanish table olives are undoubtedly one of this country’s most famous and treasured products, coming in a wealth of colors, shapes, varieties, textures, aromas and flavors, and even stuffings, and representing an endless list of possibilities that range from snacking on them right out of the can or jar, to using them as ingredients in avant-garde cuisine.

Of course it doesn’t have to be one thing or the other. In fact, whatever your preference, there is also a huge range of easy and quick recipes that can be used to merely “jazz up” some olives or transform them into delectable tapas.

Try these three ideas on for size, or come up with your own recipe for enjoying Spanish olives (all of them incidentally ideal for taking on a summer picnic).

Spanish black olive tapenade (Paté de aceitunas negras españolas)

Seasoned olives (Aceitunas aliñadas)

Tuna and Spanish olive brandade (Brandada de atún y aceitunas)


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