ICEX Chefs Start Culinary Internships

ICEX chefs in training / Miguel S. Moñita and Lucía M.Díz - ICEX

ICEX chefs in training / Miguel S. Moñita and Lucía M.Díz – ICEX

Today is a big day for the thirteen international chefs participating in this year’s edition of the ICEX Training Program in Spanish Gastronomy, as they start their culinary internships in some of this country’s top restaurants.

In fact, no less than a total of seventeen Michelin stars will be welcoming these young chefs into their kitchens, where they will stay – learning all they can about Spanish gastronomy and avant-garde culinary techniques – until mid-October.

The thirteen chefs will spend their culinary internships in the following restaurants: Sylwester Kosciuk (Poland) at La Botica de Matapozuelos (one Michelin star); Sabine Caubarrère (Argentina) at Casa Solla (one Michelin star); Carla F. Castro (Canada) at Le Domaine de Abadía Retuerta; Miriam Sofia Much (USA) at Monastrell (one Michelin star); Kota Kobayashi (Japan) at Restaurante Dani García; Ciaran Doyle (Ireland) at Atrio (two Michelin stars); Sandro Zinggeler (Switzerland) at Akelarre (three Michelin stars); Shabo Dong (China) at Restaurante Echaurren (two Michelin stars); Liezl Vermeulen (South Africa) at Casa Marcial (two Michelin stars); Nigel J. Lobo (India) at Miramar (two Michelin stars) and Compartir; Nickolas Palamaro (USA) at Cenador de Amós (one Michelin star); Samuel Quan Xing (Singapore) at Aponiente (one Michelin star); and Biaz Kostanjsek (Slovenia) at El Celler de Can Roca (three Michelin stars) and the Parador de La Granja.

Good luck to all the ICEX chefs on their new adventure!





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