The World of Conservas

Sacha Hormeachea transforms a can of tuna into a gastronomic creation / photo courtesy of ANFACO

Sacha Hormeachea transforms a “can of tuna” into a gastronomic creation / photo courtesy of ANFACO

Foreigners who have spent any amount of time in Spain might initially be struck by the appearance of a wide selection of colorful cans containing different types of fish and shellfish preserves on the menus at quality Spanish restaurants. I know I was.

After all, where I come from, a can of tuna in the pantry has always been considered a go-to food when there’s, essentially, nothing else to eat in the house. For my parents generation and above, it’s a reminder of tough times, rations or other, less than memorable, gastronomic moments.

In Spain however, these products are high quality presentations of the products within. Clams, mussels, oysters, tuna, bonito, sardines, and much more… Spanish fish and shellfish preserves are fantastic, gourmet products in their own right, and they continue to serve as culinary ingredients and inspirations for many of this country’s top chefs.

In fact, this week, the international chefs participating in the ICEX Training Program in Spanish Gastronomy attended a fascinating workshop presented by popular Madrid-based chef Sacha Hormeachea at the International School of Culinary Arts in Valladolid (Castile-Leon) and sponsored by ANFACO (the National Association for Manufacturers of Fish and Shellfish Preserves).

Learn more about these conservas and check out the latest culinary trends and applications for these products on Foods from Spain, in Spanish Fish and Shellfish Preserves: Haute Gastronomy on the Go!


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