Tastes of Spain Online

José Andrés Foods

José Andrés Foods

The Foods from Spain Homepage is bursting with interesting news and information this week, including an article about Spanish pickles and Murcia’s “Minor Sea”.

One item that I not only enjoyed, but also bookmarked to go back to time and time again is the article Spain Online. This article contains a wealth of information on how and where to order authentic Spanish gastronomy on the Internet and get it delivered to your door – wherever you might be in the world.

This is incredibly handy, especially as someone who resists the urge to put a whole leg of delicious Spanish ham in her suitcase every time she goes back to the United States to see her family.

Spanish ham and other cured pork products, a huge selection of wines from all the designations of origin, cheeses, spices, olives; fruit, vegetable and fish preserves, and even Spanish cooking utensils… can all be ordered easily and quickly on both the Spanish and international e-commerce sites referenced in this article. In addition, the article also analyzes different types of online marketplaces, from retail sites to places where you can buy items directly from producers.

With limited suitcase room anyway, there’s nothing better than ordering these things on the Internet and having them shipped to their final destination.


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