We all scream for…Della Sera!

Sour grape and butter cream / Photo courtesy of Obrador Grate

Sour grape and butter cream / Photo courtesy of Obrador Grate

I’m just going to start by stating the obvious. It’s summer. Finally. Whew.

And there is perhaps nothing better in the summertime (other than perhaps a dip in the ocean) than sinking your teeth into a delicious ice cream cone, cup or dessert.

World famous for its gastronomy, it’s no surprise that Spain’s avant-garde culinary techniques and respect for this country’s excellent ingredients and local, seasonal products, have also given rise to excellent ice creams, made by true masters of this craft.

Last year we mentioned Rocambolesc, the brainchild (not to be confused with brain freeze) of famed Spanish pastry chef Jordi Roca, an avant garde ice cream shop in Girona (Catalonia).

Another great option is a visit to ice cream shop Della Sera in Logroño (La Rioja). The artisanal, natural ice creams made here are the work of husband and wife team Fernando Sáenz Duarte and Mª Ángeles González, which is behind the famed Obrador Grate ice cream workshop – known for supplying top chefs all over Spain with its excellent products.

These incredible ice cream flavors reflect the use of natural, local ingredients, as well as a healthy dose of imagination and the culinary avant garde.

Classic examples are Raspberries marinated in Balsamic vinegar from Haro, Lemon Cream with olive oil from Alfaro, Marzipan Riojano and Graciano grape sorbet – to name a few – while recently launched flavors include White wine lees fermented in oak, Sour grape and butter cream and Ibérico pork lard mantecada with saffron from La Rioja and cinnamon.



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