Tapa ideas for the World Cup

La Tienda (www.tienda.com) is the place for Spanish foods and other products

La Tienda (www.tienda.com) is the place for Spanish foods and other products

Despite getting off to a disappointing start, fans of “La Roja” are hoping that it will be ‘onwards and upwards’ from this point forward for the Spanish national team at the World Cup.

With the Spanish team’s next game coming up this Wednesday – against Chile – it’s not too late to start making plans for a tapas party to enjoy this event with your friends and family – no matter where you are in the world.

Easy to eat, delicious and bursting with variety, tapas are actually a great way to enjoy any World Cup match, no matter which country’s team is playing.

If you’re in the USA and gearing up for this team’s first game tonight against Ghana, check out the website of La Tienda for a huge selection of Spanish products, tapas, recipe ideas, cookbooks and much more.

This family company has been supplying food lovers in the United States and Canada with top-quality Spanish food and other products for nearly twenty years.

What better way is there to enjoy a taste of Spain, wherever you are?


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