The Perfect Pairing

Prado Rey's Cheese Selection

Prado Rey’s Cheese Selection

What goes wonderfully with fabulous Spanish wine?

Now don’t say, “more wine”, because, while that may be true, the perfect answer is obviously food!

In fact, phrases like “wine and cheese” have become so ingrained into our lexicon that at times it seems virtually impossible to think of one without the other – but really, why would anyone want to?

Cheese of course is not the only thing that pairs divinely with wine, but no one can deny that the two do complement each other exceedingly well – the dry and sometimes astringent tannins of wine being the perfect counterpoint for creamy, and wonderful Spanish cheese. Now, try the cheese with a delicate swirl of Spanish extra virgin olive oil… even better, right?

Well, in addition to finding these pairings at your local tapas bar, restaurant or specialty shop, many Spanish winemakers are also expanding their production repertoires to include Spanish foods like cheeses and olive oils.

Looking to make the most of local and regional traditions, consumer demands and existing international distribution channels, wineries like Bodegas Prado Rey and Bodegas Parra Jiménez have made the leap from wines to cheeses, and all anyone can say is, “Thank-you”.

Read more about this trend in Spanish Wineries Foray into Food, on Foods from Spain.



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