Vinoble, a look at noble wines


Vinoble 2014 / photo courtesy of Vinoble,

Vinoble 2014 / photo courtesy of Vinoble,

Vinoble 2014 wrapped up yesterday, after a successful three-day run of this world-renowned event, which is dedicated to fortified and sweet wines.

Held for the first time in five years, this tremendous exposition/conference is the only one of its kind in the world dedicated to these products, with special emphasis on the excellent fortified wines (sherries) from Jerez  – the city that plays host to Vinoble.

With workshops and tastings on topics as diverse and interesting as The Art of Amontillados, A Draught from Paradise, The British Fever for Sherry, a True Rebirth or a Flash in the Pan and Osborne Rare Sherry Collection, the Thousand Year Tasting, among others, this year’s return of Vinoble attracted huge names from all over the globe, including twelve Masters of Wine.

For food lovers, Vinoble 2014 also included a special new section called Gastrovinoble, which consisted of four Michelin-star Spanish chefs (Dani GarcíaÁngel LeónMarcos Morán and Ricardo Costa), demonstrating different fortified wine/sherry pairing combinations.

Nice to have you back, Vinoble!


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