Tuna, Toros and Tuna Toro

Tuna Route!

There are always plenty of gastronomically-oriented things to do in Spain on any given weekend, and with the warm weather, any weekend plan can easily become a great idea, or, as they say in Spain, a planazo!

If you’re heading south, set your sights on the charming vacation town of Zahara de los Atunes, located on a beautiful white sand beach on the Atlantic Ocean in Cadiz. This weekend the town is hosting the sixth edition of its annual Ruta de Atún, or Tuna Route, so be prepared to sink your teeth into this delicious Spanish product, served up in a wide selection of tapas at nearly four dozen local bars or restaurants. There’s more tuna-fun to be had on the agenda in Zahara this weekend, so my recommendation is that you head down to Andalusia to find out!

If you’re staying in Madrid and intent on celebrating the city’s patron saint San Isidro, the official holiday was yesterday, May 15th, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t get your fill of this very castizo or folkloric festival that is celebrated with a schedule packed with performances, music, food and, of course, the San Isidro bullfighting festival.

For an experience that promises to combine old and modern Madrid, try Paco Roncero’s new restaurant at Madrid bullring Las Ventas. Opened on May 8th, this decadent menu was specifically designed by this two-star Michelin chef to capture the past and present of the bullfighting tradition!

Happy Weekend!


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