Spanish Chefs Cook with Google Glass

Kisko García and Google Glass / Photo courtesy of Canal Cocina

Kisko García and Google Glass / Photo courtesy of Canal Cocina

As someone who just spent the entire weekend cooking from an iPad perched precariously in a fruit bowl located dangerously close to the sink, a “hands free” option in the kitchen would be more than welcome.

Enter Kisko García (of Restaurante Choco in Cordoba) a Spanish chef who has been tasked with demonstrating the first culinary application in Spanish designed for Google Glass.

This application, which was created by the Canal Cocina cooking channel, consists of a virtual archive of approximately twenty recipes contributed García and other Spanish Michelin-star chefs including Susi Díaz, Pepe Solla and Rodrigo de la Calle, among others.

Google Glass fans will be able to use this technology to follow the step by step processes involved in these recipes. Meanwhile, the voice-activated glass (which is worn on one’s head above an eye), means that the chef’s hands stay free to carry out their culinary duties.

This glass also makes it possible for chefs to communicate with others, look up products, cross-reference ideas and much more; and Canal Cocina plans to expand the application to at least 100 recipes in the near future.

And whether it’s a burgeoning trend or only a passing fad, there’s no doubt about the utility of this app for chefs everywhere.


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