Bullipedia gets rolling

Photo courtesy of Bullipedia - elBullifoundation

Photo courtesy of Bullipedia – elBullifoundation

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Spanish chef Ferran Adrià… and you’ve surely heard of his now-closed restaurant elBulli (winner of World’s Best Restaurant four years in a row)… but have you heard of Bullipedia?

Well, if not, it’s high time you did!

Bullipedia is, in a way, the continuance of Adrià’s work as a chef, researcher and gastronome, and someone who has dedicated his life to the past, present and future of gastronomy.

Part of the elBullifoundation, a project dedicated to investigating the creative process of cooking, Bullipedia is just what the name suggests: a learning tool created to increase chefs’ knowledge and creativity by serving as a database for information relating to cooking techniques, food products, authors, cooking tools and recipes, divided into the larger sections of “Cooking Today” and “Cooking Archive”

And the best part of Bullipedia is that, although it’s aimed at professionals including chefs, culinary students and food companies, its resources can be adapted to many other professional spheres.

Get ready, because Bullipedia launches on May 15th!


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