Unlimited possibilities for Spanish stuffed olives

Interaceituna's stuffed olives' display

Interaceituna’s recent display of different stuffed olive varieties

I was recently doing some research for this article on Foods from Spain about Spanish stuffed olives, and I have to admit that I was stunned to learn that there are currently around ninety different known varieties of these treats. I had no idea.

I, of course, grew up in the USA with the classic, Spanish green olives stuffed with red pepper and pitted black olives that we used to stick on the ends of our fingers at family parties or sliced onto pizza, but I think it’s fascinating to think of the endless possibilities presented by these little self-contained fruits of the olive tree.

Interaceituna has compiled a long list of different existing flavors, including seafood, fish, chilli, jalapeño, lemon, garlic, nuts, cheese and ham stuffed olives; all of which are exported en masse to different markets all around the world – with some flavors being more popular in one place than another.

As a result, I can’t help thinking that the next great stuffed olive variety is just an inspiration away, and so I’ve been obsessed with trying to come up with new flavors on my own: artichoke? salami? pretzel?

How many new varieties of Spanish stuffed olives can you think of?


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