Time for torrijas!

Traditional torrijas / Toya Legido - ICEX

Traditional torrijas / Toya Legido – ICEX

One of the highlights of Semana Santa, or Spanish Easter Week is undoubtedly the delicious torrijas that start appearing in restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops around this time of year.

These traditional sweets are somewhat reminiscent of the American and English favorite french toast and the French pain pardu.

In their most classic form, torrijas consist of a sliced bread that is soaked in milk and wine, honey and spices, and then dipped in egg and fried.

However, torrijas are also subject to innovation and the expert touch of Spain’s most Avant-garde chefs. Try any one of these recipes for a taste of Semana Santa that’s both traditional and modern.

Old-style caramelized bread fritter, crushed raspberries and ice cream (Torrija caramelizada “a la antigua”, frambuesas rotas y crema helada de leche)

Cea torrija and white chocolate with meringue ice and cocoa soup (Torrija de Pan de Cea y chocolate blanco con helado de leche merengada y sopa de cacao)

French toast soaked in liquid cherimoya with cooked wild strawberries and mint (Torrija empapada en un licuado de chirimoya con estofado de fresitas del bosque y menta)


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