Spanish Cooking Tecniques

My new olive wood mortar and pestle / Adrienne Smith - ICEX

My beautiful new olive wood mortar and pestle / Adrienne Smith – ICEX

On Monday I posted a video tour of the Foods from Spain website, just to remind people about all of the wonderful resources that this site has to offer. Some of the most obvious things are of course the recipes, product profiles, feature articles, chef interviews and news items, but I also really love the Cooking Techniques area that is found within the Chefs & Training section of the web.

This week, my newest obsession also happens to be the featured technique in this section: using a mortar and pestle. Though you often see these utensils made out of marble or granite, I just bought myself a beautiful set made out of Spanish olive wood, and I am anxious to break it in. Now what to do with it?

Fortunately, this article contains a plethora of information about applications for this technique, which happens to be one of the most commonly used traditional cooking techniques in Spain. It also has a fantastic video, featuring step-by-step instruction.

So whether it’s a mortar and pestle, or something else, don’t forget that you’ll find everything you need about the ins and outs of Spanish gastronomy on Foods from Spain.


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