Savory or sweet, apples make the dish!

icex0017383Apples are great fresh and crisp right out of the fruit bowl, but they also make excellent additions to any number of different recipes. Of course desserts are an easy option – apple pie, apple tart, apple sauce, caramelized apples… you name it; but apples are also wonderful in savory dishes and sauces and with any number of other products including different meats, fish and vegetables.

For a more Avant-garde approach to apples, try these three, very different recipes from famed Spanish chefs Paco Roncero of La Terraza del Casino and Paco Pérez of Miramar.

Black truffle and apple pie (Tarta de trufa negra y manzana)

Apple, ajoblanco and sardines (Manzanas, ajoblanco y sardinas)

Diversity in apples (Diversidad en manzanas)


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