Autumn Flavors

Wild mushrooms at the market / Rafael Vargas and Marti Llorens – ICEX

It’s finally gotten cold in Madrid: crisp air and pale blue winter skies and the first glimpses of holiday decorations going up around the city.

The onset of this weather and season always brings to mind hearty dishes and deep earthy flavors, perhaps none so autumnal as the flavors and aromas of Spain’s huge variety of wild mushrooms, which are found all over the country but especially in Castile-Leon, Catalonia, Andalusia and Galicia.

In Castile-Leon, in particular, not only is there a biennial wild mushroom conference known as Soria Gastronómica, but every year there is also a wonderful gastronomic initiative called BuscaSetas, for which more than two-hundred restaurants in this region offer special, five-course menus based on Spanish wild mushrooms. Unfortunately, this year’s edition of BuscaSetas just ended, but wild mushroom fans can undoubtedly still find these treasures on menus and in markets all over the country. And trust me, they won’t regret it!


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