Happy (late) Diwali!

Spanish turrón / Fernando Madariaga - ICEX

Spanish turrón / Fernando Madariaga – ICEX

The beginning of November marked the celebration of Diwali Festival in India, the five-day Hindu festival also known as the Festival of Lights!

This festive event starts on the 13th lunar day of Krishna paksha (dark fortnight) of the Hindu calendar month, Ashwin.

This year, it began on November 1st, with the biggest part of the celebration taking place on Sunday, November 3rd.

According to an Indian friend, one of the traditions involved in this festival is that celebrants share sweets with family and friends. And though it might be a stretch, the mere mention of sweets as we start heading into the holiday season got me thinking about some of Spain’s most festive holiday treats.

So, for those who, like me, have a taste for some of this country’s most famous sweets, one way to celebrate this Festival of Lights in the future might be with delicious Spanish turrón.

This tasty treat is made with ground almonds, honey, sugar and egg and is as synonymous with Spain as this festival is with India.

More to come on turrón in coming weeks! Hope you all enjoyed Diwali!


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