Harvest Time!

Harvest time in La Rioja / Luis Carré - ICEX

Harvest time in La Rioja / Luis Carré – ICEX

The weather in Madrid today is pure Fall, and it’s lovely.

A chill in the air and a cloudy sky reminding us that summer is over and it’s time to commence with wonderful autumnal events like the grape harvest!

In La Rioja, the grape harvest got off to a slow start this year, commencing about 10 days ago with white grapes and slowly picking up speed. Fortunately, predictions point to both a plentiful and high-quality grape harvest this year, so things in this world famous wine producing region seem to be off to a good start.

If the grape harvest catches you in Logroño, the capital of La Rioja, don’t forget that this city is also a fantastic place for tapa hopping, mixing the delicious flavors of this region with its celebrated wines (por supuesto!), and visits to some of its renowned bodegas.

This gastronomic route through the city’s most lauded flavors and monuments is just the way to do it!

Happy Fall!


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