Menu of the Day!

Menú del día

Menú del día

Anyone who has every lived in Spain knows the value of having a list of restaurants on-hand that serve up delicious and good value menús del día (menus of the day).

A Spanish lunch tradition, a menú del día is typically made up of a variety of different dishes from which diners choose an appetizer, a main course, drink and then usually either dessert or coffee. Typically consumed during the week as a break from a long and busy workday, this fixed-price meal is great value for money, and can be an excellent way to try an ever-changing variety of innovative and traditional dishes.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be in Spain to recreate the menú del día, thanks to the book “Menú del Día” by Rohan Daft (who also wrote this great feature about this topic for Foods from Spain) and Inés Vilaseca.

This 177-page tome is a journey through Spain resulting in a compilation of more than 100 authentic recipes straight of the table of a classic Spanish restaurant or home.


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