Video: Our chefs explain the Training Program

We talk a lot here about the ICEX Training Program in Spanish Gastronomy, an annual initiative that brings together ten international chefs in a culinary ambassadorship program.

These young, international chefs first spend six weeks in and around Valladolid (Castile-Leon), learning about Spanish language, culture and gastronomy at the hand of program collaborator the International School of Culinary Arts Fernando Pérez (EIC). This period is then followed by a thirteen week work experience stage in some of the country’s best restaurants.

But, while we often hear from the participants themselves, in the form of interviews or even the occasional blog entry, we seldom get the opportunity to find out what this culinary training program means to Spain’s top chefs – many of which have supported and encouraged this program over the years.

This new video on the Foods from Spain YouTube channel does just that. With interviews with the renowned chefs including Andoni Luis Aduritz and Ramón Freixa, it is a must-see.


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