Video: Seaweed for Gastronomy

In 1998, husband and wife team Antonio Muiños and Rosa Mirás founded Spanish food company Porto Muiños, with the innovative goal of selling one of the natural bounties of their native Galicia: seaweed.

After a slow start, during which the pair realized that the key to selling these quality, natural products was taking the time to inform people of their beneficial properties and the different ways to use and consume them, the company has spent the last fifteen years enjoying an ever increasing measure of success.

In fact, its seaweed products, which can currently be found in powdered, salted and fresh forms, are currently so successful that they are exported to 25 different countries all over the world.

For an in-depth look at Port Muiños, the people behind it, the secret to the company’s products, and much more, check out this video: Porto Muiños, Seaweed for Gastronomy, on the Foods From Spain YouTube channel.


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