Loving Navarre in San Fermin

Running of the bulls / ICEX

Running of the bulls / ICEX

Happy San Fermin!

This internationally famed festival is going on in Pamplona right now (from July 6th – 14th), bringing to mind thoughts of bulls, bulls and more bulls.

But San Fermin is more than just the running of the bulls. It is a religious celebration of the Patron Saint of Navarre and a citywide street carnival that involves music, dancing and of course, lots of food.

In terms of cuisine in Pamplona, no one is perhaps as famous as Spanish chef Koldo Rodero, whose restaurant Rodero is just a stone’s throw away from the city’s bullring. This Michelin star chef is enamored of the wonderful vegetable products from his native Navarre, which he employs in his cuisine with an Avant-garde flair and a painstaking attention to detail.

Another option if you are visiting Pamplona for the festival this week, might be to escape for a day or two to visit some of the other sights and flavors that this region has to offer. American author Earnest Hemingway of course helped make San Fermin famous around the world, but he also delighted in many of the other natural and gastronomic attractions that Navarre has to offer.

For a taste of Hemingway’s travels around this region, try following this route around Navarre and see where it leads you!



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