Strawberries Hold Court

Juan Manuel Sanz / ICEX

Juan Manuel Sanz / ICEX

With the Fourth of July sadly tucked away for another year, we must turn our attention to the plethora of other fun summer events that are going on right now in different corners of the world.

One such event is, of course, Wimbledon, which finishes today with a bang in the UK.

There are of course many things that one thinks of when it comes to this historic sporting event: tennis, grass… and strawberries!

Around 27,000 kilos of this official Wimbledon fruit are eaten during this event every year, accompanied by approximately 7,000 liters of cream. And though some of these berries come from English farms in Kent, for example, others are imported from Spain – the world’s second largest producer of this fruit and first exporter.

So sit down and munch on some delicious Spanish strawberries and enjoy the match!



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