Spanish BBQ for the Fourth!

Happy 4th of July! / @Shutterstock

Happy 4th of July! / @Shutterstock

Happy 4th of July!

Now I understand that unless you’re from the United States this day might mean nothing to you. But then again, even for those of us from the USA, Independence Day generally has one meaning and one meaning alone: barbecue!!

Hamburgers, ribs, deviled eggs, potato salad, pulled pork… these all might be flag-flying standards of this oh-so-American holiday, but they’re certainly not the only way to mark this holiday.

Whether in Spain like me or abroad, there are a plethora of delicious Spanish products and recipes that will suit your palate and your Fourth of July fever just right on this special day.

The obvious place to start is of course with the BBQ, and nothing grills quite so nicely as a slab of delicious Iberico pork. Try a cut like the or presa (shoulder) secreto (just above and to the side of the belly) and you won’t be sorry. This meat is wonderfully flavorful and nutty. In fact, one of the theories behind how secreto got its name is that butchers used to keep this cut of meat for themselves.

Of course some of Spain’s delicious chuletillas de cordero (lamb chops) also make great additions to any BBQ, among other tasty, quality Spanish meats.

Got a hankering for something akin to deviled eggs and potato salad? Try the classic Spanish recipe for Ensaladilla Rusa, or Russian Salad. The best thing about this traditional tapa is that it also usually has delicious roasted red peppers and Spanish tuna, making it even more tasty!

And of course the best thing in the world to wash it all down? Spanish watermelon!

Now what could be more Fourth of July than that?


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