Spanish Olive Oil from Mother’s Garden

Fresh olive oil / photo courtesy of Mother's Garden

Fresh olive oil / photo courtesy of Mother’s Garden

Martin Kirby and Maggie Whitman have spent more than twelve years in the countryside of Priorato (Catalonia), not only raising their family and tending to a vineyard and fruit and almond trees, but also creating an award winning brand of Spanish extra virgin olive oil called Mother’s Garden.

Their story is part romance, part hard work, and part a dedication to this exquisite product, which is exported in increasing amounts to the United Kingdom and North America every year, and which has won a variety of accolades for its taste and quality.

Now, Martin and Maggie have announced on their website that they plan to leave the farm that they have called home all these years and return to their native Britain. However, fans of this wonderful gastronomic product need not worry: the couple will continue to work hand in hand with the local cooperative to produce their wonderful oils and keep Mother’s Garden going strong.

Read more about their story in Spanish Olive Oil with an English Flair, on Foods from Spain.


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