“Art and Gastronomy” in Valencia

Herrera / Kominek / ICEX

Herrera / Kominek / ICEX

Mondays can be tough, especially when the weekend finally smiled down upon us in Madrid with good weather, for what seemed like the first time this year.

But of course the best way to get through a Monday is by making plans for the coming weekend!

For a plan that combines gastronomy with culture, without being too hard on the waistband, try heading to Valencia for the back to back “art and gastronomy” themed expositions still going on at the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM).

In fact, this is the perfect time to catch both of these expositions, which are overlapping for the next several weeks.

The first, entitled Arte y gastronomía. La cocina de la pintura, opened in April and will last until July 7th, and the second, Arte y gastronomía. Francesc Guillamet, opened just this weekend and will run until July 21st.

It goes without saying, of course, that once you’re in Valencia, take advantage of all the city has to offer by stopping by some of the excellent tapas bars found in Tasting Tapas in Valencia, on Foods from Spain.



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