Oil and Vinegar DO Mix!

Salmorejo!  Toya Legido / ICEX

Salmorejo! Toya Legido / ICEX

There is a common expression that goes something like this: “you two are like oil and vinegar, you don’t mix”, and frankly, I’ve never been able to figure it out.

I mean what could possibly go better together than oil and vinegar? On a salad, on a plate of vegetables, to bring out the flavors in a soup or stew… the mouthwatering list of possibilities goes on and on.

This is particularly true when talking about Spanish food products, as Spanish olive oils and vinegars are world-renowned for their extremely high quality, aromas and taste.

So, in light of this week’s natural progression from Sherry to Sherry Vinegar, it now seems fitting to end the week with a nod to one of Spain’s most well-known, seasonal dishes that wouldn’t be the same were it not for its touch of oil and vinegar: gazpacho!

Here are a couple of different takes on this wonderful, cold Spanish soup!

Strawberry and Tomato Gazpacho







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